Rashmi Chintha [English]
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Rashmi Chintha [English]

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Rashmi Chintha [English] by Dr. Revathi Vee Kumar

Publisher: Sagar Publication

Rashmi Chintha, the central theme of this book, is a unique and seldom explored concept in modern astrology. Despite its presence in classical texts like Saravali, Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, Jatakabharanam, Jataka Saradeepa, Hora makaranda, Shambu Hora Prakasha, Maansagari, Jataka Parijata, Prasna Marga, and more, it remains relatively uncharted in contemporary astrology. This book offers an original and comprehensive study of Rashmi Chintha, shedding light on this underutilized astrological concept.

The Rays of Planets and Signs play a crucial role in predictive astrology, serving various purposes, such as assessing the overall strength of a horoscope, determining one's potential for success or failure, answering queries about well-digging, calculating planetary strengths, and assessing the longevity of individuals. Surprisingly, Rashmi phala and other applications of the Rays of Planets and Signs are rarely employed by astrologers in their predictions. This book argues that these concepts deserve greater attention due to their significant predictive potential. It delves into all aspects of Rashmi Chintha in great detail, making this relatively obscure topic accessible and applicable to all astrologers.

The book is divided into eight chapters, ensuring a gradual and easy comprehension of the concepts. The first two chapters introduce the fundamental principles and their applications in natal horoscopy, while the remaining six chapters delve into horary astrology and Nashta Jataka. These principles are elucidated with clarity and precision, supported by nine illustrative examples and 20 tables. The book's main content originally appeared as a series of articles in EXPRESS STAR TELLER, a Vedic Astrology monthly magazine published by Express News Papers Limited, Chennai, from February 2020 to July 2020. Only minor adjustments have been made to enhance clarity and maintain continuity. Chapter 8 has been exclusively added to this book, providing further insights into the subject.