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Rasayana Tantra [English]

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RASAYANA TANTRA (Gerontology of Ayurveda) 

The growing numbers of aged people are making a great impact on civilization. The modern medicine is taking its effort in this direction and created a new branch of medicine; Gerontology in 19” century. Ayurveda is unique for its approach toward this branch. Ayurveda has not only the seriousness towards the unhealthy people to cure but also towards the healthy persons to keep them in healthy state. Ayurveda was divided into eight branches and Rasayana tantra (branch that cares the aged and healthy individuals) was one of them. Rasayana tantra can provide a path for the healthy aging of an individual by improving the physiological properties. 

The primary aim of entire text is to give a systematic approach to the age, span of age, theory of aging, etiopathogenesis of aging and Rasayana drugs for aged people. There is also discussion at the end of each chapter to illustrate some unique points of Ayurveda according to modern medical science. This book is helpful to both undergraduate and postgraduate students for their exam as well as for their research work.