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Predictive Astrology An Insight [English]

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The most important aspect of astrology - Vimshotri Dasha system-has been discussed in detail as no prediction can be given without looking at the `dasha' of a particular planet and how it is placed in the horoscope, whether it is in any of the inauspicious houses and whether it is under affliction.

 An attempt has been made in this book to clarify the Signs, Houses and Planets  the three basic factors which need to be understood clearly for developing successful predictive ability. ...This book is a manual of practical astrology designed to enable the reader to handle queries relating to various facets of everyday life successfully.

To overcome the traditional and tiresome exercise of calculating the "shadbala" (six-fold strength of a planet) is a welcome feature in this book. Besides elaborating on the rudiments of astrology, the author, for the benefit of students and also the lay people, shares his knowledge of the rules for judging various aspects of life from the houses (zodiacal signs), positing of the planets in the 12 signs, their aspects, methods of determining the period of auspicious events, birth of children, longevity, etc.