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Prediction Secrets Naadi Astrology (Revised & Enlarged) [English]

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In my research i found out that the information my guru wanted to give through his works are hidden and therefore I have written, celestial matrix, Orbital providence, Prashna Hora to give insight into his works.

However on observations and experience the fundamental rule book that is PREDICTION SECRETS- NAADI ASTROLOGY’ needed some modification. Thus this book is being published with modifications.

Despite the fact that the rules are simple it is not that easy for  prediction unless the person develops logical approach in combination and transit of planets in addition possessing a quality of astrologer as prescribed by sacred texts.

The wonderful part is those who institutionally discarded this system of astrology in its early years of its invention have now claiming champions of this subject and have taken up coaching in this subject at different places across the country world. Thanks to the Almighty that the dream of late Guru has come true. 

There are books with titles embedded with word “Naadi” but generally using convenational method with star level or some other divisional components which does not have this method of prediction using only karakatwas of planets.