Prediction in Stellar Astrology [English]
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Prediction in Stellar Astrology [English]

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The entire happenings in the life of a native are contained in the native's horoscope, and the only thing required is the accurate application of the principles in analysing the event. All major and important events of life and accordingly the case studies have been presented, with the help of the horoscopes of the natives and with illustrations. These horoscopes have been practically analysed during the course of the author's astrological sojourn and these have been re-edited with suitable changes and included in the book. The analysis of these case studies are in itself educating and they can be used to anlyse similar situations and reach a correct analysis and prediction. The horoscopes portray the different aspects and events in life, what every astrologer comes across during his day to day consultations. To make the book more comprehensive Krishnamoorthy Tables have been appended.