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Predicting Through Nakshatras (Part 1) [English]

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Never before in the history of Nakshatra Astrology, has a book like this, which covers the predictive part of Nakshatras, been published. There are many books available, containing personality traits of Nakshatras, but there has never been a publication, which teaches what and how to predict. PREDICTING THROUGH NAKSHATRAS is a unique book, giving you EVENTS for each Nakshatra.

For example A native having a key planet in Swati Nakshatra and its association with 12th House or 12th Lord will often keep his feet or shoes one upon the other halfway or during certain outings, their shoes are going to break. We have often made this prediction to Swati Nakshatra natives, which had been confirmed time and time again and clearly indicates and confirms the intensity of this Nakshatra. Such a detailed secret of each Nakshatra has never been published so far. What makes it more unique is that it does not restrict us to the traditional usage of only Moon Nakshatras. One can use it for any planet placed in the Nakshatras.

Over the last year, these techniques have been posted on Facebook forums and research groups for analysis. These techniques have been tested, studied and researched by Saptarishis Facebook Astrology Group and the included charts have been compiled to make one comprehensive book with stunning techniques. This book is a three-part series; Part 1 of the book covers the first nine Nakshatras from Ashwini to Ashlesha Nakshatra.