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Predicting Through Jamini's Chara Dasha [English]

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Predicting through Jaimini’s chara Dasha

This is the most original, revolutionary and effective book over written on Jaimini Astrology, because;

It shows how Jaimini’s karakas – Atma, Amatya, Bhratri, matri, Putra, Gnati and Dara are to be used. In this book the author shows how all the seven ( not eight which is highly unscientific) Karakas are to be used for specific readings with illustrations.

This book also shows the use of Jaimini’s chara Dasha for timing events which too is revolutionary and result yielding unlike other books where chara Dasha calculation alone is shown.

The author has given a slightly different method of computing Chara Dasha which is more logical and explained with profuse illustrations how karakas used in a liberal way with us chara Dasha can be the most effective tool for predictive purposes.

The techniques and the methodology outlined here have been statistically replicated over thousands of horoscopes by over five hundred students also of the bhartiya vidya bhawan.

This book is a fundamental and original research in jaimini astrology which can be used profitably to improve your predictive techniques.