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Predicting Through Dwadashottari Dasha - An Original Research [English]

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It is a dream and and also an achievement to complete a book on a rare subject like a conditional dasha, a trend started by the researchers of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi's Institute of Astrology. The romantic story of a Bhrigu reading forms part of this venture. The use of a conditional dasha has its great importance in the vast repertoire of astrological techniques of a Hindu astrologer, an area which had remained unexplored till recent decades. Dwadashottari dasha is applicable to those horoscope where the Navamsha falls in that of Venus which Vrisha (Taurus) or Tula (Libra). The authors of the book, Dr.(Mrs.) S.R. Mishra and Sri R.S. Panwar produced this research under the guidance of Col. A.K. Gour well within our chosen schedule to make it available to those who had been demanding it for many months, in fact years. The illustrative examples given will show how to use it and make accurate prediction which is the essence of Hindu astrology