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Prashna Hora - Horary Astrology & Cosmic Psyche in Classical & Nadi [English]

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Prashna Hora - Horary Astrology & Cosmic Psyche in Classical & Nadi [English] by

Satyanarayana Naik

Publisher: Sagar Publications

This book deals with Horary Astrology in general and Naadi Prashna Hora in particular. The author has included brain wave psychology establishing the origin of question and the functional conscious theory. He has merged the philosophy of karma with super conscious and hardwired mechanism in brain functions besides proving that the occult matters dealt in Prashna Marga are the science of highest order which can be proved by neuroscience. In his conscious theory he brought out the relationship of Kendra and Kona houses and the other houses which are resultant interchanging transitory effect between Kendra and Kona and vice versa. The primary importance given to Kendra in Shatpanchasikha is well established in a separate chapter. With unfailing principles in Naadi supported by ample practical case studies, this book is a perfect guide to horary astrology.