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Prasanagnana of Bhattopala [English]

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Bhattotpala, as goes the Sloka 1 or the 70th, the last one, of the book `Prasanagnana' maintains that he has composed this work in seventy verses on the Horary, the science of queries, branch of Astrology in Arya metre for the benefit of the learned (astrologers). The reader is already familiar with Bhattotpala as a great commentator of BrihatJataka of Varaha Mihira; and he is believed to have lived in the middle of the 10th century A.D.

This science of Queries is more difficult to practice than the Horoscopy, where in the birth chart can be easily raised and the Prime Principles of Astrology applied. The author has given in Slokas 65 to 69 the method of finding out the Lagna at night. The entire work has not been distributed in the traditional method of writing out chapters on various heads or subjects. Rather, the author beginning with the Duties of both the Astrologer and the Querist dwells on the Chief Principles of this Sacred Science; such as, How to Predict the Future Through Omes; The effects of the Bhavas; The Ascendant, its nature and the Aspect of planets; Plan-etary effects with regard to their Respective Positions. He starts with the possible Queries Regarding Acquisition of position; Journey; Recovering from Illness; Loss of Articles and Defeat etc.; Time for marriage; About pregnancy and the new born; Regarding Tastes of the Querist; Dreams; Rainfall; Clue to Theft and Thieves, How to find out the object of Query; Time of conception and recovery of the lost property. So much in these seventy Slokas Bhattotpala has contained.