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Planets And Sisters & Brothers (English)
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Planets and Sisters & Brothers [English]

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 This is the third statistical research being produced this year 2014: the first is the near accurate timing of the birth of a child through Jaimini astrology given in the advanced use of jaimini’s chara Dasha, the second the importance of the ages of 36 to 72 and the third this one planets and sisters and brothers.

During my service career I could neither produce such a research not could collect enough data. I had chosen smallest samples then and  still produced statistical researches published in the Astrological Magazine. I postponed it till a large number of research students decided to contribute from their personal collections some horoscope after examining them through the parameters giv en to them.

A statistical and replicable  astrological research through the techniques of Hindu astrology is not easy as it involves use of vargas and dashas with transits.

Those who challenge astrology and criticize it have always been those who never  studied this subject but have thrown the weight of their reputation behind their criticism. They cannot be silenced unless such proofs of replicable researches are shown to them.