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Pataki Risht Chakra [English]

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In our research class when I talked about the Pataki Risht Chakra and told how some traditional astrologers made brilliant use of it and gave stunning predictions about children and boys and girls upto the age of twenty four suffering, surviving or dying, Shalini Dhasmana  showed keen interest in it, collected all available books, collected horoscopes, applied the PRC technique to them, gave prediction in some cases which were fulfilled and then convinced herself of the efficacy and great use of this chakra. I asked her to produce a monograph on the chakra and take a workshop also.

She did lot of work and has produced a very original book. In the meantime she taught two classes of research on the use of this chakra. A student in that class, Shri N.N. Sharma and Nandini Agrawal applied them to their data of children born deaf and dumb and found them giving him excellent results.

Shalini has shown lot of originally in this research by bringing into it the karakas of Jamini also in our well known scheme of composite technique. It is good to see her getting convinced if the great use of the Pataki Rishta Chakra.

More important in this context is the fact that while she was busy doing this research, I referred to her some cases of children suffering in hospitals with some undiagnosed diseases.

In one case she predicted that the child would survive and the child is happily back to her house and in another, shalini predicted fatal end to the child and the child in a hospital after many terrifying dreams.

She studied nearly forty cases with absolute thoroughness and I was surprised to see the consistency and pinpointedness in her astrologer researcher who through books and internet websites.

It is only when a research like this comes out which is clear, cogent and even quantifiable,  that one get convinced about the super science which astrology is.