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Panchadhyayee a Compendium of Predictive Astrology [English]

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Panchadhyayee ( A Compendium of Predictive Astrology) by 

SC Mishra (Suresh Chandra Mishra)

Publisher: Pranav Publications

The ‘Panchadhyayee’ contains the real essence of classics and efficiently deals with many useful techniques that are not appropriately explained in the elementary works. It is equally useful for practitioners  of jyotisha as well as the researchers. The explanations given may be brief but they have vast implications for predictive work. The highlights of this work are:

  •     Profusely illustrated with actual horoscopic charts collected over a practice of decades.
  • Fixing of special Kaarakas, highlighting their subtle dimensions and elaborate application.
  • The assessment of results pertaining to houses and timing of their fructification through dashas and transits explained with actual examples.
  • Quant um of dasha effects, in accordance with the classics, elaborated with some special techniques.

    Particular emphasis laid on determining the direction in which the native may prosper. Detailed account of Gulika and sub-planets, along with their utility in chart analysis