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Palmistry Self Taught with Fortune -Telling and Hints on Character Reading From the Face [English]

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PALMISTRY SELF TAUGHT – With Fortune- Telling and hints on Character Reading from the face

Though Palmistry is ignored by many, yet, in all civilized countries, not to speak of India, this science is cultivated more or less. In London and other enlightened towns Chronological societies have sprung up.  Periodicals which deal with this interesting science are published by these societies. Things seem, however, to  have at last taken a better turn now.

It must be noted here that most of the truths laid down in this little treatise have been verified from the hands of those that have favored the author with their visits during the last 32 years; and in support of this, concrete cases are given here and there by way of illustration.

The lines and marks that have been noted down are commonly met with, with a few exceptions, such as the Line of Intuition. This rare- very rare mark has come to the notice of the author in one case only – that of a European – during his 32 years’ experience as Palmist. Perhaps it would not be out of place to mention that some of the hints were not derived from any books, but were suggested by an esteemed adept in Palmistry with whom the author had fortunately come in contact during his travels.

In order to make this abstruse science more simple and interesting the subject  has been put in the form of a catechism with two fictitious names D (Disciple) and p (Preceptor) throughout the book.