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Pairing of Opposite Houses in Prediction [English]

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In horoscope analysis, a complete and comprehensive view can be obtained only if the Bhavas are judged by taking into consideration their inter-connected roles in the chart. The influences on the individual Bhava which primarily rules an area of life are to be assessed along with the influences of other supporting and associated Bhavas for achieving better accuracy in prediction besides a deeper insight into the relevant area of life. In this book on Pairing of Opposite Houses in Prediction, a novel technique of analyzing the influences of the 12 Bhavas by pairing them into six sets of opposite pairs has been discussed in detail for the first time. This innovative approach in evaluating the Bhava phala provides better insights into the various portfolios of life pertaining to a native. The book is structured into 9 chapters with the last Chapter dealing with a new concept of identifying not only the purpose of the present life of an individual but also its accomplishment (or otherwise) by examining all the 6 pairs of opposite houses together. The book contains 13 example horoscopes illustrating the principles discussed herein. The main text of this book was published as a series of articles in Modern Astrology during the period from January 2014 to December 2016.