Numerology with Tantra, Ayurveda and Astrology [English]
Numerology with Tantra, Ayurveda and Astrology [English]
Numerology with Tantra, Ayurveda and Astrology [English]
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Numerology with Tantra, Ayurveda and Astrology [English]

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"A true renaissance man, Harish Johari continues his vocation of bridging the East/West gap."—EastWest Journal

A Tantric scholar and an expert in the Hindu traditions of Ayurveda and astrology, Harish Johari presents the first system of numerology to com-bine numerical values, astrological data, and analysis of body type. Using simple calculations, Johari explains how to determine your psychic number (representing self-image), your destiny number (pertaining to karma and how others perceive you), and your name number (signifying social and professional life). He shows how these numbers reveal information about your personality, temperament, intelligence, talents, sexuality, spirituality, finances, and health. A full section is devoted to each number, its attributes, and its corres-ponding planet, deity, and mantra. Based on your dominant number(s), recommendations are given regarding strong and weak periods of the day or year, favorable  colors and precious stones to be worn, and meditations to be practiced for health and prosperity. Harish Johari is the author of Tools for Tantra, Chakras, The Healing Power of Gemstones, and Breath, Mind and Consciousness. A painter, sculptor, and composer, he also served as guide to Baba Ram Dass during Ram Dass's initial excursion into mystic India.


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