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Nine Planets And Twelve Bhavas
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Nine Planets and Twelve Bhavas [English]

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Nine Planets and Twelve Bhavas

This Book gives techniques to easily comprehend the principles enunciated in Classical Texts. The delineation of the positions of Nine Planets and Twelve Bhavas have been illustrated to enable readers to understand the basic rules of astrological principles.

The earlier Editions received the appreciation of avowed readers and students of Astrology and  the approbation of learned astrologers. This Book enables the readers to learn and apply the Predictive Techniques step by step that makes them successful in rendering succinct and relevant predictions. The reader can directly apply the principles to know about:

  • Progeny and happiness therefrom
  • Coborns and comforts/ disturbances from them
  • Longevity, health and diseases
  • Professional and financial status of the native
  • Happiness from wife, mother and father