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Nadi Astrology & Professions [English]

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The probability and possibility of astrology has been set at rest by the advent of Nadi Astrology and a book title “Accurate Predictive Astrology” by Umang Taneja. He has written several other books and this one on Profession is the latest addition to the list. The book contains chapter on the rise and fall of professional career, partnerships, change of job, suspension, reinstatement and termination from job and transfer of job. The aim of this book is also to make the readers understand the Horoscopes of teachers, doctors, engineers, scientists, IT professionals, military personnel, builders, property dealers, politicians, IAS officers, nurses, sportspersons, chefs, pilots etc. Attempt has been made to classify natives of a particular profession. For example horoscopes of dentists, eye surgeons, radiologists etc. have been explained in the chapter of “doctors”.

In all the chapters various illustrations have been given and discussed in detail so that readers may be able to practically understand the application of Nadi astrology. This book is a unique book of Astrology on profession as it covers all types of professions broadly with numerous illustrations. This book is well researched and carries the data, illustrations and experiences of many astrologers who have been working on this science round the globe for years together.