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Muktashtaki Dasa [English]

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The Dasa System dealt in this book is not found in any of the standard classical texts of astrology and the author learnt the same from one of his Tantrik Guru he met during the course of his own Sadhana. The author has also brought out few other Dasa systems learnt from great Astro-Tantriks viz. Tara Dasa, Gangadhara Dasa etc. The calculation of this Dasa is based on Ashtaka Varga and the readers would appreciate how beautifully the benefic dots obtained in Sarv-astaka Varga are converted into a Rashiyadi Dasa. First time in this book the readers would find the procedure for correct computation of Chara Karakas and the lovers of Jaimini astrology would certainly enjoy the detailed discussion on the same. The tribute appended here to late C S Patel would attract the astrologers who wish to do serious research in Ashtaka Varga System of prediction.