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Muhurta Chintamani [English]

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Daivagye Shri Ram, the author of the book Muhurta Chintamani hails from a family of astrologers and is 7th in the line of his predecessors and his book is getting acclaim till this date for his excellent work. This useful book combines time-tested hints on omens with features of electional astrology and was written in the holy city of Kashi' in shaka era of 1522, Vikram era of 1657, Christian era of 1600. Of Muhurta branch of Triskand Jyotish this fruit and flower gives fragrance and flavor till this date. The greater details are given in the last chapter of the book.   

About the Author

Shri Shiv Kumar Chadha, the translator and commentator of the current book is author of the book 'Significators In Astrology' published in 1995 and he later wrote a commentary on Meena's Nadi in 1998. The readers who have any question on the current book can direct their queries to the author on