Miracles of Numerology [English]
Miracles of Numerology [English]
Miracles of Numerology [English]
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Miracles of Numerology [English]

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Fanaticism is the enemy of truth. Never become so scientific or religious that you forget to be human. Learn to observe, learn to think and learn to love the truth. — Dr. C. V. Raman (Indian Scientist and Nobel Prize Winner) 

Voltaire has said, 'There is no such thing as Chance, we have coined this word to express the known effect of every unknown cause." A number is the name of a hidden law. It enters your life as a vital element. The Science of Numerology is the practical application of the fundamental laws of mathematics to the material existence of man.

The study of Numerology has its own principles, its alphabets, its language, its terminology and its significance. In this book, Dr. M. Katakkar explores the occult significance attached to numbers. The character analysis suggested by him is so fascinating that it reminds us of the Chinese proverb. "It is easier to move a mountain than alter a person's character." You have now, for the first time, an authentic and comprehensive book on the mystery of numbers as revealed by the ancient masters. This is therefore, the final word on Numerology and a powerful key to the shaping of your destiny.

Dr. M. Katakkar has been awarded several honours for his research work and contribution to palmistry and numerology. He has extensively lectured in Europe, Canada and USA, and has had the opportunity to read hands of great personalities such as Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallabhabhai Patel, C. Rajagopalachari and Moran' Desai.