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Meditation Thru Parables [English]

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We go in search of peace and for that alone, we go with a hope to be happy. We try our best to change places to gain happiness. We try our best to wait for a change in time so that we can be happy and we also try our best to change the things and beings around us so that we should be happy. Alas! we forget to note that wherever we go, whenever we go and in whichever situation we go, "There we are!"

This "I" factor is the source of all that we have been searching for. Unfortunately, it was never focussed as an important parameter to work upon. The perception of the world by this 'I' depends on the quality of the mind which this 'I' has cultivated and nurtured; and ultimately developed, through a process of removal of "mayopiya" of our 'I' (not the myopia of 'eye').

The surgery of this 'I' is being presented in this book of "Meditation Through Parables". After this surgery is complete, it is certain that we will rediscover our original vision and be able to see the inherent Divinity in and through our every experience. When we are able to discover Him and His expression in every experience, we are free from the disease of "mayopiya" i.e. discover that this whole world is nothing but a play of maya of the Lord and we are mere pawns in His game.

We are pleased to publish this wonderful work and hope that it will spread happiness everywhere.