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Medical Astrology [English]

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Medical astrology is a specialized branch of vedic astrology. It is an extraordinary predictive and counselling tool. A horoscope indicates good bad or indifferent traits and physical, emotional or spiritual characteristics of the native as per the karmic  flow. A charts is only the representation of one’s karmic implications in one’s life through planetary influences. The medical astrology helps in understanding well in advance where the human chain is the weakest in the physical body and why. An astute astrologer will be able to diagnose disease and the diseased body part merely by analysis of the horoscope. He should be able to tell the susceptibility or the resistance which a native has for a particular disease. He may be able to tell the period of onset recovery from the disease and can also suggest the remedial measures to reduce its severify without any side effect. Once this is known if will be easier for medicos to quickly arrive at the cause and place of diseased body part and the treatment to which the patient will respond.
The diseases are generally indicated by the malefic influences of planets, houses. Signs and Nakshtra wherein the planets are placed indicate tendencies , susceptibility, resistance and potential of various allments  in the body. When these potential will manifest depends upon the dasha periods and transit of planets. The numbers of diseases which a native may have to encounter are numerous. However this book touches upon 112 diseases with the help of 102 illustrative charts. The last (16th) chapter of this book is devoted to common astrological remedies with a new karmic and practical point of view to propitiate evil planets causing allments.