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Medical Astrology [English]

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Medical Astrology

In the present scenario, the patients visit many doctors to take advice and know whether their diseases are curable or not. The doctors in return prescribe different type of tests like blood test, stool test, x-ray or MRI etc. to diagnose the disease properly.  But  inspite  of  all the precautionary measures, sometimes doctors fail to diagnose the disease accurately.

However, with the help of astrology and the analysis of astrological combinations it can be known whether a person is prone to diseases or not. Hence, if the astrology is used as a helping  tool, the work of the doctor will be quite easy. There are many doctors who analyse the horoscope of the patient before prescribing treatment. In this way, they are able to know if the disease is curable or incurable.

This book is a sincere effort in this direction. In the book, the different aspects of disease have been  discussed through the eyes of astrology. Hope this book will enable you to understand the facts in good way.