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Marriage Married Life & Children (4th Reader) [English]

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Everybody wants peace, pleasure and smooth life; but nobody gets. Majority of the people complain that there is something or other wrong regarding their health, since the body is made up of various systems, organs, glands etc.

Similarly to enjoy peace of mind, so many factors have to contribute. Out of them, marriage is a great problem. Life with a healthy wife, never facing difficulties in the married period, is very rare. However much one may be rich, powerful and influential, unless he or she enjoys domestic facilities, life is miserable.  

Though "Marriage is made in the Heavens" and it is impossible to dodge the fate, yet one can satisfy oneself by making efforts to reduce the worries and anxieties, to avoid disappointments and dispute, by knowing his or her weaknesses and trying to adjust. The only method by which one can understand how to conduct oneself is explained in this book. Even-though we pray to God whenever we expect certain adversities, yet one should not forget that neither Gem nor Guru nor God can guarantee the cure. Prayer has a limitation. It depends on you and your karma. We should try to correct ourselves.

This book is very valuable. It opens the eyes of the readers. It makes you think, consider and decide. Scientific treatment will satisfy you all. There will be no confusion • no contradiction ; but this is simple, scientific, convincing and correct.