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Marriage and Progeny - An Astrological Analysis [English]

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MARRIAGE AND PROGENY (An Astrological Analysis)

Marriage is a landmark event in an individual’s life, and his future happiness depends on it. Unlike some religions which treat marriage as a ‘contract’ for satisfying physical needs, Hindu religion recognizes marriage as a Samskara (a life-ling bond) between husband and wife who take a Sankalpa (pledge) at the time of marriage to jointly endeavour for Dharma ( an ideal life), Artha (wealth), Kama (controlled sensual gratification), and finally achieve moksha ( liberation from the cycle of birth and death).

The book starts with the basic concepts of the Divine Science of Astrology so that the reader can easily comprehend the remaining Chapters without any outside help. The book provides complete guidance for selecting the best possible life partner, clues about the nature of children, and whether they will be helpful to parents or not. The book discusses over 90 horoscopes in North Indian and South Indian formats, which have been selected from author’s personal practice.