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Lal Kitab [English]

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Lal Kitab ( English )

In the beginning of the book we have discussed the palmistry and phrenology section in brief which could be used for rectification of the horoscope while preparing the Annual chart or predicting the natal chart. Preparation of natal chart through palm have been discussed through which one can make a natal chart though, date, time and place of birth of the native is not available. In this regard we would like to emphasis that before casting a horoscope through palm one should have good experience in this field. For some predictions help for phrenology could be taken. 

The second volume of the Lal Kitab is all about interpreting the horoscope, suggesting the remedies by using the grammar given in the first volume of the book. Before suggesting any type of remedy for any evil or debilitated planet, one should see the reason for the problem and suggest remedy accordingly.