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Krishnamurti Padhdhati
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Krishnamurti Padhdhati [English]

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As decided earlier, the mail bag was opened at 7-59 a.m. (Sri Lanka Standard time) on the 6th October 1972. The letters were poured out on the table in front of my superior. He looked at me with a smile and posed : "How many letters are there in the bag? And how many are official communications?"

After some calculation, I said boldly, "there will be altogether 28 letters. Six of them are official ones and the rest (22) are private letters."

"O.K. Let us count".

They were counted and sorted out. What a strange surprise! My prediction had proved perfect.

All those who had gathered around the table were taken aback. when I was about to leave the office room, one of them distributed me.

Asked he: "Will it be possible for you to repeat the same type of prediction tomorrow too." I replied "Surely. Let us meet tomorrow morning." On the next day, the mail bag was opened at 7-58 a.m. and immediately after I had made calculations I said that there would be 31 letters, 7 being official ones. As on the day before, the letters were counted and sorted out. What a surprise again! My prediction had not failed a few   

Minutes passed. My superior pointed out an error. Re showed a letter out of the 7 official letters and said that it was mis-sent to us. Only 6 communications were intended for us and rightly sent to our institution, while the other one was addressed to our institutions close by and wrongly delivered to us.

How did this happen? Krishnamurti Padhdhati can explain this. No other astrological system can enlighten us on this matter.