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Kali the Goddess [English]

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The supreme reality is one, absolute, indescribable, ineffiable. It is beyond the grip of the human mind, which returns baffled When it attempts to seize the reality. Turned towards manifestation it moves into a buine presentation of itself as being and the consciousness, as PURUSHA and the SHAKTI, the Lord and the power, He and She.He wills to manifest and His power, She effectuates, because this She is no other than He. It is He as SHE. It is primal power,the Divine mother, the head of all Creation , all the words, all the Beings and all that constitute Manifestation.

Among the personifications of the divine mother, the Supreme Shakti are four great divinities, Maheshwari, Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati, concern' ed with the fulfillment of cosmic purpose. They harmonise and dominate all existence. As the transcendant mother, she connects the manifest with the Unmanifest.

Mahakali (Shakti of Siva) embodies the power of towering Strength and force, has one intensity and a divine violence, which Nothing can resist. When she moves into the action, nothing can stand before her. To all the agents and champions of falsehood like Asuras (demons, evil doers), she embodies the warrior spirit of Manifesting divine that thrives on battle (Durga and Kali). She Also streches her hand to succour , for she too is the mother and behind her wrath, there is deep love, which is intent on the greatest progress of the seeker (Parvati-Durga).Mahakali brings intensity wherecer she manifests, she is the force for the victory of the Divine.

The Vedas have enunciated the identity of Siva and Sakti Both have been described as one and the same; one without other is corpse. Siva is the form of knowledge and aesthetics And Sakti as the form of action and power. Without action knowledge is useless — a corpse and that is why Kali , standing on the chest of Siva is worsipped. This book deals with all aspects of Kali as the goddess. Mahakali, in Saktism, tantricism and in all different aspects . which an interested reader shall find fascinating.

The book is small as compared to vast mythology, exploits and episodes of Goddess Kali, but brings out the essential knowledge about the great Goddess.