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Kalamsa & Cuspal Interlinks Theory [English]

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The theory of this book is the outcome of the sincere dedicated research of the author in the field of astrology.It is in tune with the navamsa and nadiamsa concept of Nadi astrology.The aspiring reader will doubtless find it a exposition of sound techniques of predictive astrology.It is the author’s magnum opus and superbly illustrates the true value of the sacred science of Astrology.How to analyse the horoscope to determine what is promised for the native for all walks of human life has been explained in simple and scientific way.Timing events and use of transits are often thought of as complex and incomprehensible.It is dealt in very clear ,practical and illustrative way.It can in no way be taken as unequivocal dogma.All that the reader needs is an accurate horoscope.

The Navamsa concept improved the techniques of prediction considerably. But Navamsa is of 3 degrees 20 minutes. Which means the person born within a span of about 13 minutes will have the same Nakshatra Quarter rising on the Ascendant and all the planets will also be rising almost in the same Nakshatra Quarters. The nativities of all these persons should therefore be identical. This led the astrologers to think of new ways to sub- divide the Nakshatra. One such division is based on the principles of dividing the Nakshatra space of 13 degrees 20 minutes into 9 parts. Each part is allotted the ruler ship of a planet in the same sequence as in Vimsottari  Dasa system. Each part is allotted the space in the same proportion as the number of years allotted to its lord in Vimsottari Dasa. The space allotted to each part is called “ kalamsa” or “sub” and the ruler of the part is called “Kalamsa Lord” or “ Sub Lord”.