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Judgement of Longevity [English]

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Judgement of longevity

Determination of longevity is an integral part of horoscopy. It is as different and complicated as it is important. The author, who is both a teacher and a practitioner of the science, has dealt with the whole subject in an easy – to- understand style for the beginner as well as the seasoned. Beginning with the elementaries he proceeds in sequence to the more and more difficult aspects of the subject culminating ultimately in their synthesis. First he outlines the essential procedures for checking the correctness of time and date of Birth for preparing the birth chart and then he  goes on to the identification of inauspicious yogas. There after follows a vivid discussion on Balarishtas and Arishta- bhangas etc. The philosophy behind the yogas has been logically explained. A deeper analysis of many methods of mathematical calculation of longevity and their application in enriched by practical examples.

In short the book is scholarly blend of the wisdom of the sages and the practical experiences of the author. It is the only treatise of its kind on this very difficult subject of longevity and a dedicated attempt presenting the essence flowing through the churning of classical texts by the author.

A rare exposition on longevity that neither a neophyte nor a scholar or a seasoned practitioner of the science can afford to miss.