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Japa Meditation - the Easiest Way to Clam the Mind [English]

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Japa Meditation The easiest way to calm the mind

Solo sailing offers a beautiful map to sail into the mystery of the Self. So, does this book!

Strongly recommended. Cdr Abhilash Tomy

Man has always searched for ways to lead a fulfilled life. And the search has led him to meditation which creates greater awareness: this search covers people from every walk of life. In the corporate world 'Managing Self is now focused in all leadership programs. Chandrika's book with the illustrations are so apt and insightful is a great help in this search. Vivek S Patwardhan Executive Coach and Ex V.P. — H.R. Asian Paints

An incredible book for people who want to learn meditation. With 175 examples and 30 illustrations, the complex spiritual sayings are simplified in a light-hearted manner. Ajay Agarwal Promotor-- Krish Group

Given the day to day stress in our lives, this book brings together some of thc ancient techniques to calm our mind and body. The book has a pleasing conversational style combined with a lot of anecdotes. Nitin Kumar Senior Executive at a Global Consulting Firm

Thoroughly researched book that presents an age-old paradigm in a new light! Easy to follow and very difficult to put down! Dr. Devashish Saini Family Physician, Owner and Founder Ross Clinics This is a brilliant effort. A must read book for each and everyone. It provides the key for relaxing mind and in very simple words explains step by step techniques of calming the mind. B K Chowla Blogger and Consultant