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Introduction to Astrology (Ganita Hora Samhita) [English]

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This book provides a platform to the serious, discerning seeker of About the Book astrological essence; by providing an overview of Ganita, Hon and Samhita. The book explains the position of Astrology in our Vaidic, Pauranik, Rishi-prokta heritage.

  • The reader is introduced to the harmonizing influence of Astrology along with its utility; one gets to know what is Astrology and what are the qualifications of an astrologer.

 The vexed question of Fate and Freewill, an acquaintance with Destiny and the infallibility of Karmic rules make for an illumination reading. The book trace the history of Astrology and shows its amazing reach even in times Ramayana and Mahabharata. The reach of this science and the utter dependance of the Mughal rulers-Humayun, Akbar, Jahangir is stunning. , It is compelling reading and good to know the universal appeal ofAstrology. The Intricacies of Panchanga have been made user friendly. Various concepts of fixing the Muhurta have been discussed in a very simple manner. The significations of 16 rituals have been explained in modem context. The non-existent and over rated fear factors of Mangal Dosha have been explained in a thread bare manner logically. The book describes scientifically the marriage matching process. There is introduction to casting of horoscope the modern and traditional way. Samhita has been introduced with a chapter on Astro Meteorology. There is brief description of the Vrats and Parvs to make the readers aware about Hindu culture and tradition. This book would give a correct perspective to Astrology .