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Indian Astrology - An Appraisal
  • SKU: KAB0642

Indian Astrology - An Appraisal [English]

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  • Publisher: CBH
  • ISBN: KAB0642

This book is an inspiring compilation of interesting and informative articles on the various characteristics of Indian Astrology. Taking the reader on an exhilarating excursion into the computational, contentious and captivating topics, the book includes some special predictive inputs, peculiar to Kerala, apart from the narration of amazing anecdotes associates with some of its astrologers and astronomers. Surveying  in brief the lands contribution to the astrological erudition, it delineates on some of the eminent scholars it had produced in the past. Discussing the causes, it presents a case for astrological acumen and presents some posers to predictors to ponder and pursue their investigation. Peripheral in profoundity and pleasing in procedural parlance, the book can serve as a perennial guide to any practioner besides enlightening the student and engaging the scholar.