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How Stars Influence Our Destiny [English]

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Sukti — yat brahmaande, tat pinde ? According to astronomy, all stars and planets came into existence with a huge explosion: Scientists call it the Big Bang. That explosion gave birth to all stars; and innumerable planets were born from those stars: On account of this, the elements found in all stars and planets were obtained from the Big Bang. Our sun got those elements from the Big Bang. Because of movement, electromagnetic radiation is generated in those stars and planets and this magnetic force keeps all stars and planets bonded to each other. Their movement creates radiance, which we call 'light'. While constantly studying the movement of those stars and planets, astronomers found that the colour of all stars and planets is not the same. You had asked how the elements found in stars and planets of the brahmaand reached the human body ? The answer is that the earth got those elements from the sun and we humans have got them from the earth. Process of the Basis of Relationship between Stars and Planets and Man .

Before dwelling on my hypothesis about this, I would like to give the rendering of a sukta from the tenth mandala of Rig Veda. The sukta is titled Naasadiya Sukta. The Naasadiya Sukta says — Neither the sky...nor the earth nor the border...between day and night no death. No difference...between light and darkness He was alone...evolved out of Himself without air He breathed. The seed of desire was in Him multiply break the expand. Evolved from that the universe of five elements who did it evolve ?...and why did it evolve ? Then they came...Those Who Would Tell This.

This sukta of Rig Veda is a poetic description of the creation of universe. Astronomers ascribe the creation of universe to the Big bang. In the Hindu mythology, the How Stars Influence Our Destiny ?