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Hindu Astrology [English]

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For Astrology is definitely a part of Hindu culture and philosophy. In India, Astrology is held in highest reverence. The daily lives of a majority of the people of India, particularly those of culture and refinement, are patterned and guided by the precepts and formulae of Astrology. To Hindus, as individuals, Astrology is the science of right living, or rather discriminative liv-ing—that living, which is ruled by choice rather than by necessity. It is a science, which in essence and mo-tive is philosophical and religious, rather than material.

For it has its roots in the very oldest of all philosophical systems that  which is contained in ancient Vedic teachings and writings, the antiquity of which stretches further and further back in time,with each new  archeological discovery. eacl Even today, in India. the genuine astrologer is usually  a very wise and learned man, a scholar  of Sanskrit  with a profound knowledge of the ancient philosophies  and quite familiar with modern scientific thought.  The genuine astrologer in India,  never advertises and never accepts a fee.