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Handbook of Palmistry [English]

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For those who look upon the study of Palmistry and Graphology but as a frivolous pastime unworthy of serious attention, the little book on chirognomancy, or indications of character as shown by the shape and texture of the fingers, will not have much interest, but,though there are many who smile at these pursuits, their number seems, year by year, to decrease ; and despite the Realism by which we are in these days oppressed – possibly from the reaction growing out of that Realism- the time will come when it will be generally accorded, that those who possess a thorough knowledge of these sciences, and the capability of applying that knowledge in their judgements of those with whom they are brought into contact, possess an enormous advantage over those to whom all these indications are as characters written in an unknown tongue; for surely it must be, by all, admitted that ‘ the proper study of mankind is man.’