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Guided Meditation [English]

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Meditation is an inward movement within the consciousness by the  consciousness itself. It is a journey by the one to the one all alone  without any landmarks, directions, or a fellow traveler unto infinite. Hence, meditation cannot be described as either a verb where action is predominant or a noun where the actor is important. We may say that it is an action without an actor or an actor without an action. At the same time, meditation is both a verb as well as noun. It becomes a verb when control of matter is the part the seeker is struggling and a noun when the seeker is trying  to recognise his essential nature. Both are equally important for the Dawn of Realisation.


Guided Meditation This text is in the nature of a sadhana guide to meditation. It is addressed mainly to those seekers for whom the discovery of the supreme truth, which is the Bliss of one's own essential nature, is the one and only concern, the one and only vocation. About the Author: Swami Anubhavananda Swami Anubhavananda, truly, the name echoes His being-He is the experience of Happiness ~ Happiness which spreads like a divine breeze amongst all who have come in contact with Him. This experience is now and here! He is suave and witty and equally at home with all; children, young and the old.