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Garga Hora [English]

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Garga –Hora

Human being have always wanted to look ahead and to a large extent are capable of doing so. Of all the methods of prediction in vogue, astrology is perhaps the most ancient and the mot sought for. Suparmacy in the astrological field belongs to the ancient Indian sages and Acharyas who have bequeathed to us a vast literataure, in the great Sanskrit language, bearing on the methods of prediction.

And one of the valuable treatises belonging to this ancient legacy, some even novel. For instance there is a combination, some even novel. For instance there is a combination given that sun in the 9th in Leo deprives one of surviving co- born. This combination is applicable to those born in Sagittarius ascendant. When the sun is in the 9th, he aspects the 3rd ruling brothers and sisters. But there is position. Such important combinations appear to be a feature of this book. The effects of six planets, five planets etc., in different Bhavas given in the book embody important principles.

Mr. Santhanam has already to his credit a number of translations of astrological classics and this translation will be a welcome addition to the extent literature on Hindu astrology.