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Gangadhar Dasa [English]

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This Dasa system is not found in any of the available standard samskrit texts of astrology and the scribe learnt it from a Tan-tra Sadhaka of very high order having profound knowledge of astrology. The learned taught the scribe two different types of Dasa systems namely Gangadhar Dasa and Damodar Dasa and he was using these Dasa systems only for anushthans (rit-ual) of general salutariness and benediction. The Gangadhar Dasa was being used for rituals performed in Shukla Paksha (bright half) and Damodar Dasa in Krishna Paksha (dark half). For the purpose of its application of events in the life of general public both can be applied independently on all the natives with very accurate results. Gangadhar Dasa was first published in essay form in SA and TOA the same is enlarged here in the form of this booklet for the readers to examine its beauty at their own ends.