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Essence of Spritualism [English]

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Essence of Spritualism [English] by

Osho Priya

Publisher: Oshodhara

This book presents the scientific and philosophical background of first four out of eleven levels of Samadhi Programs – Dhyan ( Divine Awareness), Surati ( divine sound) , Nirati (Divine Light) , Amrit (divine Nectar) , chaitanya (Divine Consciousness). Divya (divine energy) , anand (divine Bliss), prem ( divine love ), gyan (divine enlightment), kaivlya (Beyond  Enlightment), and Nirvana xxx –being regularly conducted in Oshodhara. I have immensely enjoyed editing this discourses and shaping them in form of a book . However, the treatise should be considered only a comprehensive map, and not a vehicle of spiritual journey. The real journey is possible only under active guidance of the Living masters. Vedanta, Listening (Master’s teaching), contemplation and Experience are considered as three stages of Realization (Gyan).

These important clues for spiritual practice, given by Sadguru himself, are published from time to time under the column ‘ Siddhartha Upanishad’ in ‘Osho Today, the monthly magazine of Oshodhara. These were earlier published in a book following a great demand from the devotees. Now, its English transliteration very ably rendered by Swami Chaitanya Ravi is being published form in this book.