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Education and Sublord System [English]

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The astrological zodiac method adopted in this book is sidereal or NiraYana. Emphasis have been given on the method of star lord of a particular planet under the concept that if a planet is travelling in a particular star, that planet offers result of the star lord of that star, more than its own result. Whereas, the sub lord of a planet or cusp offers the ultimate result. A planet when travels in a particular star, it becomes an agent of the star lord of that star. For example, if Jupiter is travelling in any of the stars of Venus viz., Bharani, Purva (Purva Phalguni) or Purva Ashada, it offers result of Venus too and thus, the essence of Nakshatra system.

As far as education is concerned, the line and branch or specialization shall be dictated by the signifying planets of houses 04 & 09, the DBAS operating and the transit chart at the time of a particular education. 11th house functions as a support house. If these houses are weak and they are linked to 03,05,08,12, Saturn and Ketu, the educational progress shall be at stake.

However, even if 04, 09 and 11 are properly aligned and not linked to 03,05,08,12 houses, the Astrologer is required to check the running DBAS as well as the transit chart.

In that case, if the running DBAS are not linked to 04 or 09, then the education shall take place during the DBAS of signifying planets of houses 04 or 09.