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Easy Prashna Secrets Kerala System, KP and Shatpanchasika [English]

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Easy Prashna Secrets Kerala System, KP And Shatpanchasika

Prashna has always fascinated me, I always believed it was a totally different system of prediction with its own tenets, rules and principles. What Prabodhji has done is shown that it is not. It can be easily handled with the existing systems though a little bit of its own rules and principles are required. What amazed me was that the very same principles are applicable practically in our day to day life and he was prudent enough to maintain a diary over the years which has helped provide content to write this book. He has shown how one can learn from various systems already in vogue. The unraveling of the secrets from the kerala school for pregnancy and childbirth is a gem which we all should be grateful for. The adept use of the kp system and gems from shatpanchashika are really to be treasured. He has covered a wide range of events which I am sure each one will find it very useful. Each and every case has some deep insights for the ardent follower. The book has been translated from Hindi which the author is very comfortable in to English. I have retained the flair of the author and have not tried to embellish the language in order to maintain the spirit of the author. The prudent use of Nimmittas while deciphering the tricky prashnas is something we all have to watch for and learn.