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Drig Dasha of Jaimini [English]

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 Although many savants have discussed this Dasha in their articles/essays or commentary on "Jaimini Upadesh Sutra" (JUS) or other books appertained to Jaimini principles, this is the first time that it has been brought in a book form with numerous case studies. Most of the scholars have tried to deduce the detailed calculations of this Dasha in the light of descriptions available in Brihat Parasara Flora Sastra (BPHS) and in the process few have been found befuddled on account of contradictory details in BPHS with respect to what is given in JUS. First time things have been dealt exhaustively in line with true spirit of the sutras given in JUS vis-a-vis informations available in BPHS with ample clarity. Not only are the dissertations are extremely intelligent and enormously absorbing but the conclusions drawn are also superbly witty. This takes the readers to a new horizon of astuteness from where they find their own earlier perceptions more vividly with new striations inbuilt therein and compels them to have a fresh look on whole gamut of the subject. The discussions are hugely technical and require fortitude for a patient reading to fully imbibe the melody of music flowing herein. An excellent book on the subject, it is certainly a delightful reading for all the lovers of astrology.