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Doctrines Of Suka Nadi (Retold)
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Doctrines of Suka Nadi (Retold) [English]

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An excellent and rare work containing principles on predictive astrology Exclusive aphorisms from authoritative treatises on Hindu Astrology fully enrich this work. To cite an instance: If the lord of the 5th and the 8th join in the 7th along with Saturn and Rahu, the female concerned does not attain puberty at all. In another context, it is stated that if a movable Rasi ascends contain-ing the 8th lord therein, the native enjoys a full span of life. These are specific and exceptional rules and the author has explained the rationale behind such principles. This work touches all houses including clues to time events, principles covering marital match and such other aspects. An indispensable work to those who breathe astrology at all times.

Doctrines Of Suka Nadi (RETOLD) by R Santhanam