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Dips Into Divinity Astrology & History
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Dips Into Divinity Astrology & History [English]

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Dips Into Divinity Astrology & History

In my book Astrological journey through History, mystery and horoscopes , I have shown how three horoscopes, of George Bernard show was wrong by a day, of Franklin D Roosevelt wrong by 45 minutes and of Changez Khan totally preposterous. Such mistakes are bound to occur when astrologers do not read history books properly to check errors in the casting of correct horoscopes and then, of the great historical events.

I have mentioned how I collected the horoscopes and have then taken the vaster material from history, sociology and politics to verify the events of life through astrological analysis. It is this necessary which forced me to read more than five hundred books in writing the three books, the Nehru Dynasty, Astrological  Journey through history, Mystery and Horoscopes and the present book.