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Dasa System and Prediction [English]

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In  this book,  a volley of major ancient texts like, Paraasara Samhita, Sarvaartha Chintamani, Phaladeepika and the Tamil classic Jathaka Alankaaram, have been mainly depended upon to enunciate the results.  Introducing the basic concepts of the Dasa system as existing in different texts, the reader is taken to a deep discussion of Udu dasa system, which is the present prevalent system on which the dasa prediction is based and is in practice. Replete with tables on different systems and how they are arrived at,  the introduction deals with an overview of the different dasa systems in Indian astrology as culled out from different classic astrology texts. The introductory chapters are illustrated with tables for dasa periods and how to calculate the periods of different dasa for each planet.  The second section goes into general dasa prediction for each Planet and its positioning in each rasi and then delves with direct prediction for sub period and antardasas of each planet.  The predictions are so arranged that the book can be used as ready reference to arrive at the results for each planet and its sub periods.  The book is intended to be a ready-reckoner, to the students and practitioners alike and this book can help them to assort, assimilate and arrange the dasa results for any particular horoscope they are examining in an assiduous way.

V.S.KALYANRAMAN  He is handling regular monthly features and Book Reviews for the reputed Astrological Magazine of Bangalore for over three decades.  His regular “Astro Musings” column in the EXPRESS STAR TELLER and the articles and features in the Astrological eMagazine have gained wide attention and approbation and has as received many awards and accolades.