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Cosmic Science of Vaastu [English]

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This book attempts to bridge the gap between traditional Vaastushastra and. modern architecture. The cosmic effects of a wrong vaastu and the remedial approaches are discussed at length. Virtues of directions, analysis of the five great elements, two stream theory, Ind flying stars and the relation between Nature and Individual are also discussed In detail. The chapter "Essays on Vaastu" covers the queries that disturb the human mind in every day walk of life. Various case studies discussed here are self explanatory and help in understanding those deficiencies that create situations like premature deaths. This book covers all the concepts, theories and correlations of various disciplines like astrology, yogshastra, modern architecture and traditional Vaastushastra and will be helpful for those who want to learn Vaastushastra.

N.H. Sahasrabudhe is a consultant from Pune with 25 years experience in structural engineering. He holds a graduate degree In Civil Engineering from the College of Engineering, Pune, and a postgraduate degree In Structural Engineering from the Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Valuers. He has been awarded two prestigious titles, "Vaastu Vachaspati" and "Vaastu Samrat". He Is associated with numerous educational Institutes In advisory capacity and has written many books on Vaastu and Feng Shui In English and Marathl. Gautami Sahasrabudhe Is a Graduate from Pune University and holds a Masters degree,In Computer Management. She is a software professional consultant in a reputed multinational company and a practicing Vastu-expert. She has completed a certification course in Reillcf and a basic course of Art of living. She has been awarded two prestigious titles - "Vaastu Pandit" and "Vaastu-Vidmani".