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Chinese Astrology and Fortune Telling [English]

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The Yi Jing, I Ching, or Book of Change or Fortune Telling, is an ancient Chinese oracle that has been consulted in times of trouble for thousands of years. It was used as a guide and source of wisdom by the emperors, helping them decide the difficult issues of statecraft; and later on by Sages and Philosophers. It was both a source and repository of philosophical insight for the Chinese, even as a part of Chinese Astrology or Zi Wei Dou Situ. Both of the major Chinese philosophical traditions, Taoist and Confucians alike, have contributed to its development. A few centuries ago, it became popular among the mass and its popularity is growing fast in many countries. Future is always dark and unknown, and man has always been eager to know the future beforehand. 'Chinese Astrology and Fortune Telling' is a great and unique way of knowing and predicting future. This book fulfills the need and demand. It will make simple: both the subject and knowledge of the future, that look complex and uncommon.