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Charisma of Trikone Houses [English]

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Charisma of Trikone Houses

In any horoscope, the 1st, 5th & 9th houses are considered to be the most auspicious ones. It is believed that the soul enters the world through 5th house of Poorva Janam karma to the ascendant in the form of human body and exit through 10th houses. These three houses together constitute the spiritual or Dharma Trikone, which primarily aims at transforming the native to a higher stage of evolution through their Divine faculties and creativity. Their lords irrespective of their natural traits, are favourable to a native leading to greater happiness. The ascendant is always the most beneficial house and its lord the most helpful planet, which guides and assists the native in all walks of life. The houses constituting Dharma Trikone reveal many special features of the native’s destiny through his sojourn during the present incarnation.

As per classics, there are four goals of human life, Dharma, Artha, kaam & Moksha, Classics have extolled Dharma& Moksha and looked down Artha & Kaam. But Materialistic world of today has just the opposite view, Corresponding to the four goals are the four Trikones in any chart, All the four Trikones have their Apex in a Kendra house, which indicates the involvement of the native in immediate/ everyday life. There is no denying the prominence of Dharma Trikone, but to ignore the other three will be a Himalyan blunder. In fact all the four Trikones are dependent on Artha Trikone for sustenance and all the progress, we see around us, originates and get accomplished in Kaam Trikone.